Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hello World It's Me...

I've been thinking long and hard about what my very first blog entry should be about and came to the conclusion that it needs to definitely involve my #1 most favorite true love in life, crocheting. I just recently started making crocheted cowls and scarves that are inspired by the classic granny stripe afghans that were my entryway into the crochet world.

Mugshots by Christine Domanic 2007
Video Games at Grandma's by Christine Domanic 2006

I still cherish the g hook that I used the day my mom taught me the craft that would soon become a total obsession. I started with the traditional granny square and made several afghans before I discovered new crochet stitches and gained the ability to increase and decrease. My exploration of crochet soon led me to create elaborate three dimensional sculptures such as a worn out old bicycle, coffee mugs with illustrations of all the sex offenders in my old Philly neighborhood and an atari 7600 console complete with joysticks, a game cartridge and an old television with an on screen display of pitfall.

crochet dream catcher by prettylilthings

Southwestern Style Crocheted Afghan by spiffyspooner

Storyville Lace Chemise by bayousalvage

delicate but strong by knitalatte

Indian Design Afghan by handylady55

Check out my Etsy Treasury filled with even more crocheted afghans, sculptures and accessories that make my heart flutter.

-That's just me and the things that make me happy.

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